Realization of United Qrab Emirates Investment In Indonesia


As a developing country, in several sectors in meeting the needs of its people, Indonesia needs various kinds of assistance and cooperation with various other countries, especially developed countries. United Arab Emirates as one of the developed countries and occupies the 7th richest country in the world. has contributed a lot in helping developing countries, especially for the country of Indonesia. The United Arab Emirates has contributed a lot in providing investment to Indonesia in the fields of welfare, health, counter-terrorism and others. Then, the Arab emirate union's assistance was well realized to the Indonesian state and what are the positive and negative impacts of Uni Emirates Arab investment in Indonesia?

๐Ÿ“Join the International Politics Forum webinar entitle "Realization of United Emirates Arab Investment In Indonesia”

 on Sunday, 11th April at 4 pm (GMT+7) via Zoom.

We are pleased to welcome the honorable speakers;

1. H.E. Husin Bagis. 

Indonesia Ambassador to Uni Emirate Arab, 2016 -2021

2. Herry Haryanto Azumi

Chief Operating Officer PI Image Capital


Hafiz Ma’ruf Akbar

Director of  International Politics Forum

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